Introducing Zentide.

Zentraxa’s proprietary technological platform, Zentide, combined with our extensive technical know-how allows us to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with synthetic biopolymers. We specialise in the design, production and testing of complex novel peptides and, as a result of our Zentide platform, can circumvent previously existing bio-design limits imposed by conventional peptide synthesis, with one universal process.
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About Zentraxa

Zentraxa is an exciting new spin-out from the University of Bristol. We are focused on precision bioengineering to produce peptides with predictable properties, tailored to purpose. Here at Zentraxa, we have the capability to design, build and test novel biopolymer materials, and optimise the resulting properties to fit our customers’ ambitions. Commercialisation of the vast disruptive potential of this technology involves applications in a diverse range of industries.
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Why Peptides?

Peptides are a class of biomolecules, constructed from individual building blocks known as amino acids. The sequence of amino acids dictates the characteristics and behaviour of the resulting peptide, this can be precision engineered to create new functionality.
There are 20 building blocks to chose from, each with different chemical properties. This means that even a short peptide of 34 amino acids can have more than 1.7 x 10 44  possibilities!
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We are actively seeking engagement with new partners across a range of industries. If you would be interested in working with us, please contact us to discuss the opportunities available.
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