Jonathan Wogel
Jonathan WogelExecutive Chair & Director

Jonathan has over 30 years of executive leadership & boardroom experience in biotechnology & pharmaceuticals. He has worked with various blue-chip multinationals, including Baxter, Medtronic & Danone, as well as family-owned businesses & SMEs. He brings extensive financial, operational & business development expertise to Zentraxa, having delivered over 50 product development, joint venture & licencing deals, and led numerous mergers, acquisitions, and scale-up activities.
Martin Challand
Martin ChallandChief Technical Officer & Director

Martin co-founded Zentraxa in 2017 and is co-inventor of Zentraxa’s Zentide & adhesive peptide technology. He studied for a master’s degree in Chemistry and then a PhD in Chemical Biology at the University of Southampton, and has over 14 years R&D experience in chemistry & biology across academia & industry. Martin is the technical lead and has lead the company’s growth since incorporation by supporting business development & securing the backing of private investors.
Harriet Bray
Harriet BrayChief Operations Officer

Harriet has over 9 years’ experience in academic and industrial R&D. With a background in biomaterial characterisation & peptide design, she initially led Zentraxa’s research before transitioning to Chief Operations Officer. Working closely with the Executive Chair, Harriet now applies her experience of Project Management in industrial R&D to creating business development opportunities & developing investor relations.
Andre Cardoso
Andre CardosoMaterials Engineer

Andre is an experienced materials engineer and manages the formulation & application of Zentraxa’s peptide products. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and has extensive years of experience working internationally across the personal care, medical technology, household, defence & energy industries. He now applies his expertise to the application of Zentraxa’s products, increasing their efficiency to better meet market needs.
Jack Steventon
Jack SteventonResearch Scientist

Jack is a multi-faceted research scientist and works across the materials formulation and process development teams. During his PhD at the University of Bristol, he designed enzymes, and applies this experience to optimise the Zentide technology and develop Zentraxa’s products.
Giorgia Tibaldero
Giorgia TibalderoFermentation Scientist

Giorgia leads the process development team, with a focus on bacterial fermentation. She is experienced in bacterial cultivation, with a PhD in Synthetic Biology at the University of Nottingham, and works to understand & intensify the production of Zentraxa’s key ingredients.
Lucy Speight
Lucy SpeightBiochemistry Technician

Lucy works on the process development team, specialising in the analysis and extraction of Zentraxa’s key ingredients. She completed an Integrated Masters in Biological Science at the University of Warwick, and conducted her Master’s project on the identification of genetic factors that allow bacteria to degrade pollutants.
Emma Lipscomb
Emma LipscombLaboratory Assistant

Emma joined the team in May 2021 and assists the process development team in the scale-up of Zentraxa’s products. She studied a BA in Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge, completing her final year project on the efficacy of Cognitive-Enhancing treatments.
Harry Bowden-Ford
Harry Bowden-FordMarketing & Communications Assistant

Harry joined Zentraxa’s marketing & communications team in June 2021. He completed a BSc in Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol, later developing his commercial awareness as a Project Manager in User Research. Harry maintains the company’s website & social media channels, supporting the COO with business development and helping to build Zentraxa’s brand.
James Murphy
James MurphyLaboratory Assistant

James joined the team in July 2021 and assists the materials formulation team in the development & optimisation of Zentraxa’s products. He studied a BSc in Forensic Biology at the University of Bournemouth, where his final year project compared the abilities of different chemiluminescent products in latent blood detection.

Board & Advisors

Paul Race
Paul RaceCo-Founder & Director

Paul is Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University of Bristol, and a co-founder & director of Zentraxa. From 2014-17 he served as Co-Director of the >£14M Bristol Centre for Synthetic Biology Research (BrisSynBio), was a founding Director of the Bristol BioDesign Institute (BBI) and is academic lead for the >£2.7M EPSRC funded ‘Manufacturing Immortality’ project. His research focuses on the exploitation & manipulation of biological complexes, pathways & networks, en-route to the development of new tools, technologies & products for biotechnology.
Oliver Sexton
Oliver Sexton Investor & Director

Oliver manages the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund’s synthetic biology investments, supporting Zentraxa through financial backing. He has extensive commercial & partnering experience, having previously held board & partnership roles with, and managed the commercialisation of, numerous bioengineering & medical technology companies.