For patients, skin bonding can be a frustrating & painful experience. Medical adhesives often fail in difficult environments, and removing adhered dressings can be painful. Zentraxa’s adhesive technology offers the opportunity to improve skin bonding. 
Inspired by marine mussels, our peptide-based skin adhesives are non-cytotoxic & non- irritant, gently de-bondable and are able to withstand wet & high-friction conditions without reduced performance. Our adhesive technology can also be combined with existing medical adhesives to improve their performance whilst retaining desirable qualities. We ensure our key ingredients are robust to existing processing methods to enable simple integration into your manufacturing line.
Patients with Ostomy bags are required to wear them 24 hours a day and change their device regularly. With conventional adhesives, leakage is commonplace, and device changes prove tricky. Zentraxa’s adhesives could be used to improve their quality of life by:
  • Improving seal quality to reduce leakage
  • Maintaining seal quality over time (i.e. 24 hours a day, including overnight), during normal day-to-day activity (e.g. light exercise) & in wet conditions (e.g. during bathing)
  • Facilitating required weekly changes through gentle de-bonding with an aqueous de-bonding agent, administered as a simple spray
Currently, dressing adhesives must trade off firm adhesion that ensures the dressing will stay in place in challenging conditions with the need to remove the dressing at the end of the wear time without causing trauma to the skin. As a result, experiences with wound dressings & skin-mounted devices are often frustrating or painful. Zentraxa’s adhesives can improve patient experiences in wound care with:
  • Improved adhesion, with our adhesives displaying up to 3x the adhesive strength of silicone alternatives, keeping devices where they need to be
  • Gentle de-bonding with the application of a simple spray, facilitating atraumatic removal of on-skin dressings & devices


Our peptide-based adhesives are tuneable, and can be precision-engineered to possess qualities beneficial to a wide range of applications.
Lightweight & able to gently de-bond leaving components damage free, our transparent adhesives can be applied to the temporary adhesion of filters to optical sensors, facilitating greater flexibility with optics across a range of industries.
Read Our Optical Adhesives Flyer
Our adhesives can be used to facilitate temporary adhesion & removal, for purposes including modular assembly, repair, and reuse or recycling.
Our adhesives can bond firmly in challenging conditions and can be de-bonded under ambient conditions, to ensure damage free removal of delicate components. With our unique bio-adhesive, we can selectively deactivate the adhesive qualities with a simple aqueous spray.
Our transparent adhesives open up the potential for use with optical equipment across a range of industries.
Our adhesives have thin bond line and do not interfere with a range of frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing them to facilitate adhesion without impairing function. Our gentle de-bonding ensures no damage to system components.


Inspired by natural structures, our personal care ingredients can offer improved performance whilst remaining kind to skin and hair. Our flexible platform can provide bespoke solutions that are non-irritant & non-cytotoxic, with a focus on difficult to make sequences.
Our ingredients are produced exclusively by our sustainable bioprocess, using only natural amino acids, and no chemical processing.
Our peptides are tuneable for favourable interactions with skin & hair, and can enhance delivery of active ingredients, increasing the time actives remain in place for thanks to their improved adhesive properties. Improving “time on target” of cosmetic actives will allow us to enhance product performance lifetimes whilst also reducing their environmental impact.
Many existing products need regular reapplication due to low time on target, such as sun cream, or end up washed down the drain. By reducing the need for reapplication, personal care products can be targeted more efficiently, allowing their key ingredients to remain in place and perform as they were intended.
Modern hair care can take it’s toll on hair strands; dyes & regular shampooing can induce chemical damage, and techniques such as blow drying & hair straightening can cause heat stress that compromises your hair’s natural quality.
Our bioprocess is well-suited to synthesising complex biopolymers, and can allow us to design peptides that complement natural hair fibers. In doing so, we can create adhesive, keratin-compatible peptides that are able to strengthen & protect hair and restore damaged strands by bridging breaks.


We are actively looking for innovation partners within industry who are looking to implement new technologies, and we are open to joint development partnerships with organisations who share our passion for maturing early-stage technology. If you would be interested in working with us, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch to discuss the opportunities available .
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